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Blogging's Articles

Worried about Fear of Rejection-Check this one out!

The fear of rejection is the second fear that a blogger must overcome…Imagine that you spend all night setting up your very own blog, but in short time you realize nobody is coming to read it. Moreover now that you have a blog what do you do next?

Well as you must have been known that the contents of your blog is very important. It is the reason why people visit your blog. Try to make your blog interesting and learn to master the ideas included in your blog.

Furthermore, any comment which you like to put on the particular topic will attract people and help to score your website traffic of your blog. Even you can make as many friends as you want…you should be more fast and peculiar, but firstly you should remove all your fear and anxiety of rejection.

Many people have been rejected for so many ways in the field of blog marketing. The best you can do to overcome of this harmless fear is to act, don’t wait. If you have new ideas and comments so don’t wait just show it off and you can be a great contributor of any blog.

In addition, to sit idle is the worse things than rejection. The point is having the courage and attitude to write something of anything. Let your ideas burst so that you can overcome of this problem. Soon you will find that it would become your strength and you are taking so many advantages…

Never let fear rule over you, it makes you think that you cannot do this; it is not possible for me and so on. You want to ask something never think thrice, just shoot it, if the answer is going to be no, you are not going to loose anything. But if it is going to be a yes then you have made it a true.  There is always an hesitation to ask or to make a request but we should. What happens is if you know the answer you are in peace. Atleast yes or no you knew the answer, but if you had not asked your mind will questioning you oh! I should have asked and got the answer. So never let fear rule you, be bold to do anything and be confident in whatever you do., only then you can have long term association.

Making money using mini niche content blogs

Although auto blogs are a great way to make money on the net, not everybody is able to strike gold with it. For such people, the next best option would be niche blogs which are blogs with unique content promoted to the selective client with link building included.

A few of the easiest methods are discussed here.

Tips to fail the internet blogger test

It is common knowledge to read “how to succeed” on any subject. What are rare are tips to avoid the pitfalls. This article will help you do just that.

Go for generic and static blogs. Almost 70% of bloggers choose subjects that are generic and put up posts that have more of an English essay feel to it than having any worthwhile content.

Post fake statistics. If not entirely, you could hike up your statistics to unbelievable levels. The general concept is that blogs with a thousand readers is more popular than the one with a few readers. So when you hike up your membership figures, you are bound to attract more visitors. Although this concept may work initially, people are bound to find out the reality eventually, and when they do you failed their trust miserably and spelt doom for your own blog.

Irregular updating of the blog contents: although there are no hard and fast rules to update the contents on your blog, irregularity in doing so can put off your member. Developing a pattern of content uploading would keep your visitors more interested as they look forward to each update schedule.

Kill the faith of your readers: in fact this is happening quite commonly on most of the blogs. People who open up blogs to make easy money sell their readers products and services that are not really worth a penny. Readers are lured with sweet talk and deceived by being sold substandard products and services. This is a sure shot way to fail in the blogging market.

Post unoriginal content on your blogs. Copy information from other blogs or sites and paste them onto your blog with minor or no changes at all. Again this is what is being rampantly practiced by most quick buck people today. They sell their e-book for as much as nearly a hundred dollars, the contents of which are copied and pasted from most other similar sites. They do not contain any real information or value that would be of interest to the reader. Successful blog are those that are well researched and contain new content and information that can hold the interest of the reader and encourage him or her to purchase the product without a second thought.

Blogging is definitely an easy way of making money. But for the blogs to be really successful require certain ethics that should be followed.

Creating backlinks (PR4, PR5) in a matter of minutes

Backlink is an integral part of Search Engine Optimization and every webmaster who owns a website or a blog has to create backlinks to their site to gain maximum popularity. Backlinks, as the name suggests are links which are directed to a particular website and are sometimes referred to as inbound links. It is the count of backlinks that indicates the popularity of any website. That is why backlinks are also considered as building blocks for optimal SEO.
Much has been discussed about creating backlinks from websites with a high PR value. But the main drawback here is though authority backlinks are created, the origination of the page is not necessarily of high PR value, but most pages are news ones with almost no PR. Although these are valuable, they do not actually carry as much value as is necessary to raise the PR value of the back link.
A very powerful method is discussed here that could help you create backlinks with PR4 or more in just a matter of minutes. This is a comparatively new and lesser known method and you could benefit if you act on it as soon as possible as with increased popularity, this method too would get easily saturated.
The method involves the use of a popular social networking website called “Propeller”. Every member using the Propeller site has to create a profile page of their own. Using a “<a href=”url”>Title</a>” type HTML code one can embed your website or blog link containing anchor text. This is then linked in your comment which becomes a hundred percent “Do-follow”. Thus every time you post a comment, a PR5 back link is created to your website. There are lots of profile pages on this networking site that are believed to have high PR. A PR of 5 is definitely considered good. Even one mere non spam comment on ten profile pages can help you get ten backlinks from a pretty authoritative site with a PR as high as 5.
Although the profile page owner has the option of deleting your comments from his or her page, this rarely happens as the profile owners are not notified of the update automatically and most of them don’t really check their profile pages regularly for any comment update. So you can be assured of good PR for a long time provided your comments are of as good value as your PR.

Making money through auto blogs – some easy methods

Although skeptics believe that auto blogging has saturated, for the optimist there is still lot of money to be made from it. Most of the blogs would be “passive” and would need regular maintenance to keep the dollars ringing in each month. Although quite a good source as additional income, some people earn it as mainstream income almost making a living off it and there are people who are able to make a neat three thousand every month only through auto blogging. But of course, it is necessary to mention here that they would have built up an empire out of auto blogs with hundreds of blogs pooling in to give them the profit. But as the saying goes, every journey begins with a first step. These people too had started with single blogs, just like you and have made it to the top with consistent efforts and hard work.

Auto blogs are WordPress blogs that are designed to generate content using various sources and work on their own. Blogs are easy to set up but take a little time to get noticed. A little maintenance is required in terms of deleting improper content or fixing unformatted content. With each such updated content, your blog gets indexed amongst the top results in search engine listings, generating traffic and revenue for your site. Numerous ways can be used to promote your auto blogs to keep them in the top slot of search results.

To begin with, use a web host that supports MySQL, PHP, cURL with adequate space to host your first WordPress blog but has the ability to expand as you decide to host more blogs of your own in the future. Next you can download relevant software from or Fantastico or cPanel, if they have been installed by your web host. The additional plugins required would be WP-O-Matic, Platinum SEO Pack and Google XML Sitemaps. WP-O-Matic is a free plugin and also the main ingredient for any auto-blogging. Its main function is to generate content for the blog all round the clock. Platinum SEO Pack contains all tools required to optimize the blog for use by the search engines. Google XML Sitemaps generate and update the sitemap of your blog, including submission to Google. This is particularly good for the purpose of SEO. Once the plugins are downloaded, upload and activate them in to your blog.

You could also use hired help to do most of the work for you.