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Reviews of restaurants and hotels on blogs – its effect and result

BlogThese days it is quite common for everyone to turn to the net to read a review on literally anything under the sun. This is especially so if one is on the look out for a place to dine and drink or stay on vacation or business travels. Although the actually influence of reader’s opinions on the prospective client may be difficult to gauge, some effects can be known quite evidently.

People find it quite difficult to trust organizations and institutions, even the non profit units. But it is easier for them to trust other people’s words, their experiences and opinions. This has been happening from time immemorial but is now more evident, thanks to the easy access of information through the World Wide Web.

Blogs do influence a great deal of decisions of the internet savvy generation. The first person experience and conversational tone of the blogs creates an intimate feeling between the writer and the reader. Also there are many people who read blogs just as they do the newspapers and rely strongly on the information given in there. As readers browse through the blogs regularly, a trust or a bond is formed between the blogger and the reader and reviews of any kind, positive or negative influence the minds of the reader to a great deal. Social networking sites like Yelp too have review sections but not may be as frequented as blogs

If a person wants to try out a new cuisine, the first thing he or she would probably do is to search the net with a generic term like Italian or Chinese, with the search limited to their place of stay. Search engines like Yahoo or Google churn out pages and pages of results which not only have the sitemaps, contact information or hotel and restaurant details but also the ratings and reviews. If the result has given the names of restaurants new to the browsers, their first reaction would be to browse through the reviews and opinions of other people. Depending on the overall review they would decide to visit it. If the number of negative review is less, your restaurant may be selected by the potential customer. The Search Engine Marketing is playing big role in promoting and winning customers for the local business owners like restaurants and hotels.The business owners have now identified the importance of the blog marketing by advertising their restaurant and hotel business on niche blogs.

Another good thing about the blog is the business owners also get a chance to express their views or reasons for their client’s dissatisfaction. Prompt responses can actually help change the minds of few prospective clients.