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Expanding your career options through social networking sites

social networkingMuch has been discussed about the risks posed by social networking sites on employment prospects. But just as every cloud has a silver lining, these sites too if managed strategically can be used to the advantage of the individual’s career growth.

Networking sites can be a good place to let people know about your expertise, experience and interests. By creating profile pages on sites like Facebook and Linked In, provide as much information as you desire and think that prospective employers should know about you. Also you get the chance to find friends and acquaintances that were with you in school or worked in the same concern as you or are in the same field as yours. By expanding such contacts, you increase the boundaries of search for possible career options.

social networking careerSome social networks even provide their members with sophisticated search functions wherein you may be able to find potential employers. You can even research on the background of the company with regard to the benefits the employees get there, working environment and its suitability to your career growth etc. Recruiters are known to use social networks extensively to find suitable individuals to fill in their vacancies. Thus having your presence felt on any or all the networking sites can infinitely increase your chances of career growth.

By building a network of friends particularly from the same industry, you could make a potential employer know your worth because a popular name is definitely one that everyone would like to reckon with. It could help you gain prestige and open up ways to connect with the industry leaders. You can even treat it like an expert positioning tool meaning you can let the person perusing your profile knows your strong points.

But take care to see that your profile page does not become a self promotional page as members would then not be interested in visiting them. Try and give out as much information as you possibly can so that people do know that you are not all just words but are worth your salt. If you are actively on the look out for a posting, announce it on your profile page so that visitors know that you are available for hiring. Your contact on the social networking site too could help you in finding appropriate openings.