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Social Networks: Tips to get best out of them!

How often do you get request for vote or survey in your social network? So many times, isn’t it? But we always find that we either reject them after reading once or neglect them without giving a look. The latter thing we do when we find the person sending all these is not in our friend’s network and the topic or the request is not of our interests.
My personal experience says I never mind when somebody sends me message for any voting, survey, etc but sometimes the frequency of such postings is disgusting as you will find you inbox filled with such email in large quantities and in the process you overlook the important ones. You need to take this as a two-way street where if you respond to somebody’s request for voting, in the future you may get response from the same person if you are seeking such works from others.
But the biggest question is how many times you post such things on social networks? No doubt every blogger tries to put his best efforts in order to place more and more value to their content and blog as well. So even after this do you ever post? If not, then this article may provide you suitable tips to avoid being rejected. You always need to ensure that you submit things into your networks which are not only useful but also interesting to read for visitors.
Personally, I always like to go for posting and it is more of a rare deal when I don’t find anything to be posted on the public record so that they can enjoy reading it over the internet. You should look for popular articles on social networks and whenever you find something interesting or eye catching, you should try to pass it on to all your networks.
You can always go for tools like Stumbleupon and Twitter where large number of people read and share items distributed by you. You should always give your opinion in the votes you receive on these social networks otherwise don’t expect others to vote for you as well. This is the reason behind not getting better website traffic because this procedure is more of two-way in nature as in if you respond to others, they will respond to you. By responding more for things who go through daily on internet basically helps you in adding more value to your blog and thereby increases the quality of traffic from your social networks.
Hence always look for posting something which is really interesting for you and your friends on social networks, then only you will find better responses to your postings. These Social networks can be more useful if you know how to get the best out of them by accepting the way they are designed to use.

Expanding your career options through social networking sites

social networkingMuch has been discussed about the risks posed by social networking sites on employment prospects. But just as every cloud has a silver lining, these sites too if managed strategically can be used to the advantage of the individual’s career growth.

Networking sites can be a good place to let people know about your expertise, experience and interests. By creating profile pages on sites like Facebook and Linked In, provide as much information as you desire and think that prospective employers should know about you. Also you get the chance to find friends and acquaintances that were with you in school or worked in the same concern as you or are in the same field as yours. By expanding such contacts, you increase the boundaries of search for possible career options.

Benefits for the business establishments through social networking

Quite a few professionals have researched the effectiveness of social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook with regard to business establishments.

business establishments through social networkingNetworking sites can be quite effective tools for building direct marketing relationship and probably one of the best ways of getting your customer’s feedback. Although, the method of advertising here would be quite different when compared to the traditional methods, it is still as much a necessity here. Also there are no immediate results but the rewards can be reaped on a long terms basis.

Marketing your camera and photography through social networking sites

There are many ways retail businesses can market their wares to consumers through the internet, the most common and popular one being social networking blogs and websites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter etc. Even camera shops and photo labs and studios or freelance photographers of sports can sell their products through these sites.

It would be a good idea for any photography related establishments to have an active presence on photo centric sites like Flickr or iStockphotos, with Flickr being the largest photo sharing community online. The quality and range of your products and your expertise can be clearly demonstrated on these sites. Like if you are dealing in cameras, put up an album of the different kinds of cameras you deal in describing briefly individual features and qualities with actual pictures from that particular camera. This will give the visitor a clear idea of what to expect and the most interested could well turn out to be a potential sale for your site.

Photo centric sites like Flickr are frequented by passionate photographers, amateur and professional alike and are a great of tapping into this potential market. Most of them even stamp photos uploaded by individuals with the brand and type of camera it has been taken from, making it quite easy for suppliers to trace owners of particulars models of cameras. This is a great tool for retailers dealing in accessories. Active participation in such sites can help retail business develop long lasting relation with existing customers while also tapping potentially new customers.

Some of the other general networking sites like MySpace and Facebook too have albums wherein the members can put up photos for sharing and is frequented by many people, who may or may not be interested in photography. Aspiring photographers can harness these networks to showcase their talent. Comments and advises by fellow members can be quite encouraging and a practical guide to development for the amateur. With such rampant sharing of photographs, you may also end up making a collection of your own. Since most of the photos need to be purchased before being used for any purpose, they are quite safe from pilferage.

Companies can use these networking sites to know how much the public is aware of their products and also try to solve any complaints that the customers may have with regard to their product which is essential for their online business and presence on the internet. Sales points can really increase by word of mouth from satisfied clients.