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Social Media's Articles

What Are Online Business Opportunities

online-business-opportunityOnline businesses are enterprises that thrive on the net. They can be either service or product based business. In terms of volume service based online business provides the greatest potential for creative individuals. The services could be provided at various levels depending on the provider’s resources and their target client. At the lowest level there the growing number of people who need to access email and web offer online opportunity.

Therefore, entrepreneurs can capitalize on this market gap by providing online access services to areas that need that service. Beyond this they can also provide users with pay email service package that includes spam email blocker and anti virus.

Traditional Advertising Agencies Have Conflicts Of Interests

Let us just examine our own logic for a moment:

If an advertising agency is compensated based on a percentage (it is usually 15%) of what I spend, what incentive do they have to find for me inexpensive, effective, leveraged advertising that is cumulative and gets me more and more business with less and less expenditure like any effective campaign should?

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The obvious answer is: none at all!  The fact is that there is a built-in conflict of interest in the way that advertising companies are compensated: it is not in the ad-agency’s best interrest to do a good job:
In this alrtice in Adweek by Brian Morrissey:

“I think traditional ad agencies have very little contribution to make,”  Bryan Simkins, a marketing specialist at FedEx, told TNS:

“They are mostly driven by their compensation models which are made for closed media. Those models don’t apply in open media.”

Not only is there a built-in probelm with the compensation method, there is also another inherent conflict of interests: ad agencies typically target a vertical market or two: that is they represent primarily a certain type of business: for instance doctors, manufacturing, retail…

But if I have more than one client seeking the same market share, who do I represent best?

In my opinion, they not only must separate what you pay for advice from other compensation if you are to get good advice, they must also be exclusive to you for your market, or you cannot, and should not trust their advice.

A much better model is one where you pay for a bundle of services to a consultant who represents you exclusively.  The consultants job is to do the best he can on your budget.  If he is successful, you will be successful and spend more.  If he represents you exclusively in your market, your bread is buttered on the same side: if he does not do a good job, he cannot profit from your market, and vice verse.

This is why we recomend things like organic search as apposed to PPC (pay-per-click), and blogging over print.  Viral video distributed on the intrnet can greatly leverage the effects of advertising with video.

But don’t belive me: use your logical mind: you are a businessperson, and you are not stupid.

Here at http://socialmediasystems, we believe that our model is better.  What do you think?

Creating backlinks (PR4, PR5) in a matter of minutes

Backlink is an integral part of Search Engine Optimization and every webmaster who owns a website or a blog has to create backlinks to their site to gain maximum popularity. Backlinks, as the name suggests are links which are directed to a particular website and are sometimes referred to as inbound links. It is the count of backlinks that indicates the popularity of any website. That is why backlinks are also considered as building blocks for optimal SEO.
Much has been discussed about creating backlinks from websites with a high PR value. But the main drawback here is though authority backlinks are created, the origination of the page is not necessarily of high PR value, but most pages are news ones with almost no PR. Although these are valuable, they do not actually carry as much value as is necessary to raise the PR value of the back link.
A very powerful method is discussed here that could help you create backlinks with PR4 or more in just a matter of minutes. This is a comparatively new and lesser known method and you could benefit if you act on it as soon as possible as with increased popularity, this method too would get easily saturated.
The method involves the use of a popular social networking website called “Propeller”. Every member using the Propeller site has to create a profile page of their own. Using a “<a href=”url”>Title</a>” type HTML code one can embed your website or blog link containing anchor text. This is then linked in your comment which becomes a hundred percent “Do-follow”. Thus every time you post a comment, a PR5 back link is created to your website. There are lots of profile pages on this networking site that are believed to have high PR. A PR of 5 is definitely considered good. Even one mere non spam comment on ten profile pages can help you get ten backlinks from a pretty authoritative site with a PR as high as 5.
Although the profile page owner has the option of deleting your comments from his or her page, this rarely happens as the profile owners are not notified of the update automatically and most of them don’t really check their profile pages regularly for any comment update. So you can be assured of good PR for a long time provided your comments are of as good value as your PR.