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Understanding those Marketing Strategy and Lingo

Perhaps you’ve heard these so called special advertising expressions, maybe you just have not. Regardless, let me point out the dissimilarity between them, because these should form a basis in your business marketing planning activitiesf you want to market your product(s) or service effectively. It will also be your main task to accomplishing them in your business plan when moving into your market.

unique propositionExclusive Selling Proposition

  • An exclusive selling proposition (ESP) is the solitary item that is unique and precious about your business, product or service? And it must be unique and precious to your prospects in order to catch their interest.
  • It can be an intrinsic characteristic of your product or service or somewhat you produce. When ESP is formulated for your business, it should be main part in your marketing plan.
  • Plenty of advertising preparation programs and educational products are available. However, business owners need to clearly understand how to create and put into operation their own marketing plan using a simple and effective, question-and-answer method.
  • ESP is a conceptual idea. It is not the exact words as featured in your advertisement or billboard. But you can use it to formulate and thus create your marketing messages.

Distinct Message

  • That’s what you are going to say all about your commerce, product or service when you roll out your products or services into the market. It is the one main idea that you include in all of your advertising activities. It could very well be directly related to your ESP, but it may not be 100% the same.
  • You will resolve your single message only after you are able to pin down and determine your ESP. In addition, look at it as the one thing you could communication to your prospects in effort to change their perception about your product or service, from what they presently think.
  • It is more often than not written in the form of a short declaration or sentence. Its goal is to change the perception in your prospects from what they see and think right now, to what you want them to ‘see’ about your business.
  • The design will be communicated, but you will very likely use diverse words in your actual advertising materials.


  • Your catchphrase is an actual line of promotion copy you write to sum up all about your business – what is your business all about – that’s your Branding. It is to let the market know about your product or service, or a key advantage they will gain if they choose to do business with you.
  • You will draw on your ESP and your Distinct Message to help you craft your hot spot message .
  • Probably this is the simply one of all three (ESP, Distinct Message, Catchphrase) your prospects will see exactly as you have written it in your marketing plan.
  • Your Marketing Message may be coincide that you choose to use it as your hot catchy words. Well, as long as theseĀ  catchy words are able to communicate and acts as customer-focused message , that should do the job.
  • When you are thinking of putting message in front of your prospects, ask ->”What’s so great about that?”. If “what’s so great” is apparent, your copy or hot words is probably of customer-focused.